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Finding a suitable home for your family is an important task. It’s where your kids will mark their heights on the wall. It’s where your teenagers will pack up for college. It’s where everyone meets back at the end of the day to feel together again. Your real estate agent has the power to make that experience memorable, meaningful, and monumental. Julie Sagan is the right woman for the job. She took the time to chat with us about her experience as a real estate agent, and why she was made for this job, and made for you.

What do you love about the Boston/North Shore area? What about growing up there makes it better than somewhere else? I feel very lucky living on the North Shore and being so close to Boston. I grew up in Rochester, NY which was a great place, but when I left to go to College in Boston I fell in love with it. I love that I can walk from one end of the city to the other. I never get tired of enjoying the swan boats, walking through the public gardens, then walking up Newbury street. The city has really changed since I went to school there. There are so many more restaurants and shopping available. I love that living on the North Shore is easily accessible to Boston. The commuter rail is a quick trip to North Station. There are so many cute towns on the North Shore, many on the water. They really give you that New England feel. I feel so lucky to live where I do because I am able to enjoy our community and also be very close to Boston for theatre, sporting events or to meet friends. I love the sports fans in our area.  It brings everyone together and all of our teams are always fun to watch.

How does being a mother make you a better real estate agent? Being a mom of two boys, I know what young families are looking for in a home. Now that my boys are in their twenties I am even able to predict what family needs they will have and am familiar with schools in the area.

If you could tell potential clients one thing to remember, what would it be? Remember to enjoy the journey of finding a home. Try to see the potential, and remember that rooms can be renovated over time.  

Why is being a real estate agent so rewarding? Challenging? I love being a realtor because I get the opportunity to help people reach their real estate goals, whether it is a young couple starting out, a growing family, or someone looking to downsize.  These chapters in people’s lives are so important and I want to be there along the way helping them out. 

What should clients look for in a good real estate agent? Clients should look for someone who is truly dedicated to their trade. They should feel they can ask their agent any question and feel comfortable doing that. It can sometimes be a lengthy process so liking your agent is important because you may be spending a good amount of time with them. You want to have fun!!

Julie’s got what it takes to set you up for success. A motivated family woman who gets joy from making her clients happy, Julie is the realtor you’ve been looking for! Feel the Sagan Difference and allow Julie to help you during this important journey!

Investing in the Future: Why Buying a Condominium Instead of Paying for Dorming may be the Smartest Strategy

College is expensive. This is something we, and our pockets, know all too well. There’s no real way around it. Going to a good school, in an expensive city like Boston, is going to cost a pretty penny even with a little help. Tuition, books, dorms, they all add up. So there has to be a smarter way to save money, and create an opportunity for our students. 

Many students pay for room and board, or spend way too much money on renting an off-campus apartment. But once they’re done with school, they’re stuck with paying off their tuition on top of rental fees. Instead of losing money, many parents are doing something to help their students by buying a condominium for them to live in while focusing on their education. BostonPrivate.com comments, “For many, this strategy of converting room or rental costs otherwise lost into an investment has proven to be a practical method for building equity, diversifying a portfolio, enjoying tax benefits, and in some cases, capturing profits that offset tuition.”

If you’re looking into an opportunity like this there are many factors to consider. Remember that once your student graduates, you’ll have to rent it out, or put it on the market. Paying a little extra for a great, and safe location (one with access to basic needs- groceries, healthcare, etc) will help you in the long run. Other parents, or families looking to rent or buy will be looking for the same things. 

Of course, this investment means some hard work. Becoming a landlord, either to your child and his or her roommates, or future renters, probably involves more than you think. So make sure you’re ready to take on this responsibility before committing. 

Having a great real estate agent, can relieve a lot of the stresses this involves. I know how to find you the perfect spot to benefit you and your child now, and in the future. The right property will provide a safe place for your child to comfortably continue their education, and be easy to turn into a profit later. I know the housing market, and can guide you in knowing when to buy and when to start looking for renters or potential buyers. I can make you aware of risks and benefits to undergoing a project like this, and can make sure you make the smartest decision now to eliminate unseen future problems. 

There’s a smart way to start this process, and it’s with me, Julie Sagan. I can help you take advantage of intelligent and profitable opportunities like this one, and make you and your child’s educational experience all the more beneficial. If your child is planning on attending school in or around Boston, I can help you find an investment property right in the city, or surrounding areas like Somerville, Medford, Brookline, and more. Invest your time in me, and turn your child’s college experience into an investment opportunity of a life time. 

Sources: https://www.bostonprivate.com/our-thinking/vault/articles/is-buying-a-condo-for-your-college-student-the-right-choice-305

City Living: What are the Benefits?

Life in the big city can seem daunting, but have you considered the benefits? Often times city living is painted as rushed, inconvenient, and unhealthy… but it is actually quite the opposite! Here are just a few reasons why a metro move could be the right one.

We spend a large portion of our lifetime in the car. The commute to work alone from a rural area means hours on the road, and hours being sedentary. We often don’t get the exercise we really need living that way. But living in the city is a perfect remedy. City dwellers walk everywhere! The need for a car is drastically reduced when you live in a place that is made for walking. Sidewalks galore, pedestrian lanes and crossing signals, and convenient pathways line the city and make it quick and easy for you to get in some extra steps on the daily. A lot of growing cities, including Boston, are littered with public bicycles. For just a few dollars, you can safely ride around in well-marked bike lanes to speed up your commute even more. Not only can an active commute save you money on gas, but it can also keep you healthy. 

Maybe walking isn’t your style for getting to work, when you’ve got a nice suit on, or a pair of heels. Public transportation is readily accessible and cheap for getting around to all the major parts of the city. Not sure what the best way to get there is? Lucky for you, these places are filled with people who have already figured it out. City workers are everywhere and ready to answer your questions, and point you to any signs, machines, or apps that can make your commute easier.

Cities aren’t just for working. They’re built for living. Close proximity to excellent healthcare and gyms, can cut down on time wasted. Major areas

are where all the best hospitals and schools are located. Health and education go hand in hand with culture and entertainment. Being in walking distance to museums, theaters, music venues, and the like is a great way to keep up to date, in touch with history, and keep a pulse on the future. Whether it’s for a research paper, or a day out with the family, there is plenty to do on a day off.

Living in the city is great for relationships and friendships since all your circles are in arms reach. Boston is a fantastic city to find that out. With some of the greatest hospitals in the country, a wide variety of food from around the world, our theatre and arts districts, and quiet places to catch up on our favorite book, Boston could be the best fit for you.

Check out some of our listings and give the city a chance!


Staging Tips & Tricks


Now is the best time to make potential buyers cozy up to the idea of making your home their own. The goal is to paint a picture. There are ways to use design and decor to make it easy for buyers to imagine their family in a new home. Here are some ways to maximize merriment and minimize mistakes when staging your home. 


Keep it Classic. Don’t distract from what your house actually is: a living space. Delicate warm lights, flowers, and cozy colors can add to the vibe. Too many decorations and clutter can keep buyers from seeing the actual space your house provides for everyday life. Keep your living area clear so buyers can see potential floorspace and imagine their own everyday traffic flow. 


By allowing your eyes some visual rest, it’s easier to picture your life in a room. If the room seems too crowded or cluttered, it will feel like there is not enough space for the room’s new resident. 


That doesn’t mean give up decorating altogether! Complement your existing color palette with decorations that make your eyes and toes float from room to room. Decorations that clash or distract can make it hard to see the design potential. Use small decorations that draw attention to beautifully lit windows, extra seating, comfy corners, or high ceilings to draw the eye to potentially overlooked spaces.

We all know the age-old trick of baking cookies to make the house seem cozy and lived-in. But why not step up your game? A flaming fireplace, sweet-smelling soaps in the restrooms, small piles of pinecones in a decorative bowl, or some simmering cinnamon on the stove can add another dimension to the buyer's senses without overwhelming them.


You want buyers to see themselves starting their own traditions in this house. Try not to crowd their vision with personalized items of your own reminding them that someone else lives there at the moment.


Anyone house hunting is going to be serious about it, so it's important to pay attention to the details. The way you stage your home can make or break the sale. Think back to when you moved in and the things you loved about the space, accentuate them, and make them known. Small touches of family and warmth will draw in a serious buyer and keep them there. 

20 Prospect Street, Marblehead, MA 01945



Full/Half Baths
Absolutely an amazing location. The property is currently being used as office space but there are plans available should someone want to convert this back into a single family. It is an adorable home that has been lovingly cared for. Currently being used by an architect, the plans show how one can creatively create two bedrooms upstairs and wonderful living space on the first floor and walk out lower level. First floor boasts bamboo floors, lovely built ins, access to the back deck as well. The lower level has a gas fireplace flanked by built ins and opens up to the ground level patio. No details have been spared in this space. Walk to coffee shops, restaurants, shopping and even the Harbor! The outdoor space provides a beautiful patio and a 100 square foot "doll house" finished in knotty pine. This is a perfect Pied-a-terre!
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