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Staging Tips & Tricks


Now is the best time to make potential buyers cozy up to the idea of making your home their own. The goal is to paint a picture. There are ways to use design and decor to make it easy for buyers to imagine their family in a new home. Here are some ways to maximize merriment and minimize mistakes when staging your home. 


Keep it Classic. Don’t distract from what your house actually is: a living space. Delicate warm lights, flowers, and cozy colors can add to the vibe. Too many decorations and clutter can keep buyers from seeing the actual space your house provides for everyday life. Keep your living area clear so buyers can see potential floorspace and imagine their own everyday traffic flow. 


By allowing your eyes some visual rest, it’s easier to picture your life in a room. If the room seems too crowded or cluttered, it will feel like there is not enough space for the room’s new resident. 


That doesn’t mean give up decorating altogether! Complement your existing color palette with decorations that make your eyes and toes float from room to room. Decorations that clash or distract can make it hard to see the design potential. Use small decorations that draw attention to beautifully lit windows, extra seating, comfy corners, or high ceilings to draw the eye to potentially overlooked spaces.

We all know the age-old trick of baking cookies to make the house seem cozy and lived-in. But why not step up your game? A flaming fireplace, sweet-smelling soaps in the restrooms, small piles of pinecones in a decorative bowl, or some simmering cinnamon on the stove can add another dimension to the buyer's senses without overwhelming them.


You want buyers to see themselves starting their own traditions in this house. Try not to crowd their vision with personalized items of your own reminding them that someone else lives there at the moment.


Anyone house hunting is going to be serious about it, so it's important to pay attention to the details. The way you stage your home can make or break the sale. Think back to when you moved in and the things you loved about the space, accentuate them, and make them known. Small touches of family and warmth will draw in a serious buyer and keep them there.