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City Living: What are the Benefits?

Life in the big city can seem daunting, but have you considered the benefits? Often times city living is painted as rushed, inconvenient, and unhealthy… but it is actually quite the opposite! Here are just a few reasons why a metro move could be the right one.

We spend a large portion of our lifetime in the car. The commute to work alone from a rural area means hours on the road, and hours being sedentary. We often don’t get the exercise we really need living that way. But living in the city is a perfect remedy. City dwellers walk everywhere! The need for a car is drastically reduced when you live in a place that is made for walking. Sidewalks galore, pedestrian lanes and crossing signals, and convenient pathways line the city and make it quick and easy for you to get in some extra steps on the daily. A lot of growing cities, including Boston, are littered with public bicycles. For just a few dollars, you can safely ride around in well-marked bike lanes to speed up your commute even more. Not only can an active commute save you money on gas, but it can also keep you healthy. 

Maybe walking isn’t your style for getting to work, when you’ve got a nice suit on, or a pair of heels. Public transportation is readily accessible and cheap for getting around to all the major parts of the city. Not sure what the best way to get there is? Lucky for you, these places are filled with people who have already figured it out. City workers are everywhere and ready to answer your questions, and point you to any signs, machines, or apps that can make your commute easier.

Cities aren’t just for working. They’re built for living. Close proximity to excellent healthcare and gyms, can cut down on time wasted. Major areas

are where all the best hospitals and schools are located. Health and education go hand in hand with culture and entertainment. Being in walking distance to museums, theaters, music venues, and the like is a great way to keep up to date, in touch with history, and keep a pulse on the future. Whether it’s for a research paper, or a day out with the family, there is plenty to do on a day off.

Living in the city is great for relationships and friendships since all your circles are in arms reach. Boston is a fantastic city to find that out. With some of the greatest hospitals in the country, a wide variety of food from around the world, our theatre and arts districts, and quiet places to catch up on our favorite book, Boston could be the best fit for you.

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