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Smart Home, Smart Move: Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Finding the right home isn’t just about finding the right price, or the right street, or the right amount of bedrooms. Finding the right home is about feeling safe, feeling comfortable, and feeling confident that we have control over our homes whether we are there or not. Advances in technology are astounding, and so are their numerous benefits. Here we will explore some of the advantages of installing smart home technology.

The convenience factor here is huge. The ability to control just about your entire house from one app and one device saves loads of time and frustration. We all remember the days of having 8 different remotes for one television, trying to remember which switch controls which light, and asking ourselves a million times if we remembered to lock the door when we left for work. 

Smart home technology allows you to control things like your thermostat, locks, security cameras, alarms, appliances, etc. Protecting our homes and families is the number one concern for us all. With this new technology, you can keep an eye on your loved ones when you aren’t home. You can see who is at your door, even if you’re not inside. Close shades, turn off lights and lock doors with the click of a button. You can be alerted to when alarms or motion-sensing cameras are triggered. The possibilities are endless with the number of devices available for install, even detecting leaks or smoke before the damage is done.

We’ve also been highlighting lately, ways to keep your energy costs down. With an automated thermostat or automated lights, you can be sure that no electricity is being wasted. Program your thermostat to your schedule, so your home is always at the optimal temperature. Never forget to leave a light on again, when you have automated lights that turn off when no one is in the room. With smart technology, saving money and going green has never been easier.

Not to mention, smart technology streamlines the aesthetic of your home, making the lines of each room cleaner, and sleeker. If you’re looking to sell again in the years to come, smart technology can help boost your resale value when buyers are looking for convenience and safety.

Technology isn’t going to stop. When we can use it to our advantage to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in our environment, it’s worth the investment. Either way, finding the perfect fit for your family isn’t an easy task to go at alone. I’m here to help you figure out what your most important needs and wants are for you and your family, and find a home to fit them!