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Call it a Wash: 5 Household Items You May Be Forgetting to Clean

We all wish that Mary Poppins would come to our house, snap her fingers, sing a little song and our house would clean itself. But even if we are rather diligent in keeping our home clean, there may be a few items we’re forgetting about. 

"Keep you & your family healthy!"

Wake up and clean the coffee maker. You may be thinking that your coffee maker basically just heats up water so how could it be dirty? You should always remove the carafe and wash it up with dish detergent, but be sure to run your brewer’s cleaning program often if it has one. Heated water can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. And no one wants that in their morning cup!

So you’ve had your morning coffee, and you shuffle to the bathroom and reach for your toothbrush holder. A toothbrush

cleans your teeth…so how dirty could its holder be? You’d be surprised. Your toothbrush can house bacteria, from brushing but also from your hands on the handle. Especially if it isn’t dried completely before being put away, your holder could trap moisture and breed bacteria. Be sure to wash it out often and dry it completely before replacing your toothbrush. And while you’re at it, it’s a good idea to replace your toothbrush often.

Frequently used items like the remote control can easily become home to crumbs, dust, and germs. Give those a wipe now and again to prevent buildup and spread of germs from user to user.

Your dishwasher fills up with soapy liquid and swishes it around so it has to be clean…right? Wrong. Even though your dishwasher’s main job is to clean, it has the same problem as other water-using appliances in your kitchen. Food from dirty dishes can easily get trapped and the moist environment can cause bacteria to grow and mold. Run a cleaning cycle on your machine often and be sure to remove any bits of food that may get left behind.

Your mop is a huge culprit for bacteria build up. Be sure to rinse, sanitize, and wash your mop after each use. Cleaning your floors with a dirty mop won’t do any good! Ring out your mop as much as possible so it isn’t left soaking and molding until the next time.

Cleaning a home is a full-time job. Our best defense in keeping our families clean and healthy is to regularly maintain our household items so no bacteria has a chance to stay!