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Let’s Get a Move On! 4 Tips For Selling Your House Faster

Once you’ve decided to uproot and move somewhere new, the last thing you want to do is wait around for months on end for your current home to sell. There are many variables that affect how fast your home will sell. Hiring a real estate agent is your best bet to gaining a hold on all these different factors, and making smart moves to move your home quickly! 

Here are four tips that can make a difference in how long your home stays on the market

  1. Price to sell. This may seem like an obvious move, but just a few small numbers can make a big difference. Your real estate agent will know the

    ins and outs of the current market, what homes in your area are selling for, and how to adjust your price to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Your home’s location, age, size, and surrounding neighborhood all play a part in what buyers think is a fair asking price. Pricing your home competitively will speed up the process by creating interest on the market, and drum up competing bids between buyers. When looking to buy, many buyers use online search tools to find a home in their price range. The price at which you list your home could affect whether it shows up on their list of results. Your agent can evaluate all these factors and more to guide you in choosing the right asking price, and how to proceed from there.

  2. Make small repairs before listing. When showing your home, small repairs add up in the mind of the buyer. Something like a leaky faucet, or loose door handle, may seem like a minor fix. If there are too many of them, potential buyers see their money and time dwindling. Taking care of these things yourself (patching up paint jobs, fixing loose tiles, changing lightbulbs) makes the daunting task of choosing a new home easier and seemingly more attainable for anyone looking at it.
  3. Hire a realtor who uses a professional photographer for listing photos. When searching for a home, photos will always be one of the most important introductions. 

    Without proper photos, your home may not appear as nice as it really is. Professional photographers know how to light and frame each room for maximizing appeal, and showing how inviting your home is. Wide-angle lenses allow for photos of the entire room, rather than a few quick cell phone shots. Making the small repairs mentioned before, will also help the photographic results to focus on the beauty of your home, and not what needs to be fixed.

  4. Be available and flexible for home showings. No one is going to buy a home without stepping foot inside it first. Especially if you want your home to sell quickly, you’ll need to be available for many, and impromptu showings. Your agent can guide you in setting up open houses, or private tours. Tidying up, and making small repairs, as well as staging your home to sell will boost the results of any showings. 

Selling a house is no small feat, but with the help of an agent like myself, it can be done! And fast! List your home with me and we’ll get started right away!