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Things are Looking Up: Tips for Successful Downsizing

Your nest is finally empty, and you’re ready to downsize… that can seem like an overwhelming task. Where do you start? I’m here to tell you that downsizing doesn’t have to be so hard! With these tips, entering into this new chapter of your life can become full of memories and the best decision you made!

When you were building your nest, you were looking for space, and lots of it. You needed room for the kids to play, grow, and sleep. You needed room for storing toys, supplies, clothes, and memories! But now that the kids have moved out and begun assembling their own nests, you don’t need all that extra space anymore. Start with a plan.

If you’ve decided to downsize, you’ve most likely started looking at new homes. Once you’ve chosen one, with the help of your real estate agent, keep that new space at the forefront of your downsizing choices. Figure out how much room you’ll actually have before deciding what you’ll be taking with you. Consider packing room by room. It will seem less overwhelming this way, and only one room will be out of sorts at a time. If those rooms belonged to your kids, let them know you’ll be packing things up and giving things away, if they’d like to come to take anything they want to keep at their new place. If the furniture and objects in that room are for ages of children you no longer have, or your children don’t have, start a donation pile! There are plenty of families in need who would be happy to re-use! Give your family members a deadline, and give yourself one so it is easier to make decisions.

Downsizing can be an emotional process. Instead of feeling sad over the sentimental things you need to get rid of, take a stroll down memory

Relive the memories with your spouse or your family! Before getting rid of those items, relive the memory they gave you and those sentimental moments will become new memories.

Make sure you measure everything. If you’re downsizing, you may not have room for all the furniture you once had, even if you wanted to keep it. Picture what your new lifestyle will be! Are you and your mate planning on traveling and just need a place to come back to in-between adventures? Are you looking to retire and settle down and enjoy your home? Are you planning on reconnecting with friends and entertaining? If you dream up your new life before downsizing, you’ll know exactly what you want to bring with you! If you’re traveling and just need a place to rest your head, maybe you don’t need extra bedrooms and dining sets. If you’re settling down, maybe you want something more comfortable and cozy than functional.

There is a lot to consider when downsizing, but it can truly be the start of something new! This is an opportunity for you and your family to relish in the memories you spent together at home, and bask in the new lives that sprouted from the one you created. Downsizing might be a move in the right direction for you, and I’m here to guide you through it!