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The Want Vs Need Wishlist: How to Determine What You’re Actually Looking For in a New Home

Searching for your dream home takes a lot of preparation, thought, and list-making. But sometimes, before you get out there and see what’s available, what’s possible, your wishlist and your need-list seem to mesh into one long list that pulls you in too many different directions. Let’s chat about the difference between what you want in a house, and what you need in a house. Even though we’re on a mission to find you your perfect home, you’d be surprised what compromises you are willing to make when you clearly see what you want and need to make it perfect for you and your family.

There’s nothing wrong with a wishlist, in fact that’s exactly where you should start. Your wishlist can be as long and extravagant as you want it to be. When you’re finished mapping out the home of your dreams, it will be easy for you to take a second look and see what you can easily eliminate, what is non-negotiable, and what would just be nice if it’s available. 

The more realistic you can be before actually looking at homes, the easier it will be to stay on track.

As you look at homes, you’ll quickly discover that many homes won’t be in the exact perfect condition and style you’re hoping for, but your real estate

agent can also help you see what is easily changeable after buying, and what things may actually increase or decrease the value by adding or removing them.

To get started narrowing down, establish a flexible budget with comfortable wiggle room for your agent to work with, and choose a prime location. This will give you a realistic picture of what’s available in that area within your budget and can help you to start prioritizing the features you really need in your home. A home in the heart of a city, might not be equipped with a pool and large yard. A home with nature views might be quite the commute to work. A historical neighborhood may not have many newly constructed homes, just like a new neighborhood might not have mature trees or colonial-style homes. 

When it comes to compromising in a home, it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your dream home or everything on your wishlist. It means considering your timeline and your priorities. Is what you want now, what you’ll need in a few years? Do you need extra bedrooms for future children? Will maintaining a pool become a hassle quickly? Will you need a home office in the years to come? What you want to have, and what you’ll need soon are sometimes very different. Planning for the future can be just as fun as getting exactly what you want now. Think ahead, and think big picture!

Finding a home is a journey, one that really helps you examine your style, your needs, your wants, and the future you see for your family. I’m here to help you find your dream home with ease, and help you easily transition into your next chapter!