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Buying a Home in 10 Easy Steps

Buying a home is a milestone. It’s exciting to start a new chapter, but it can be intimidating to make such a large change and investment if you aren’t clear on the best process. I want you and your family to remember how special this time is, not feel stressed. I’ve broken the home buying process down into 10 easy steps so that when you take your first step toward buying a home, you can do so confidently.

1. Meet with your agent. It’s important to pick a real estate agent who works for you. I believe everyone deserves to find a safe place to call home. When you meet with your agent, they can give you a clear idea of how the process will work. Take the time to really think about what you want in a home, and make sure your agent knows what you’re looking for. Your agent knows what’s available and attainable within your wish list, and can connect you to other important people you’ll need along the way, like a lender, inspector, etc.

2. Obtain Financial Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval. In order to truly understand what your budget and buying power are, you should consult with multiple lenders. This will help you narrow your home search, and will help later when providing an offer on a property.

3. Begin Your Home Search. At this point, your realtor will be providing property options for you to consider, and look at in person, according to the wishlist and budget you’ve provided. It’s important to keep an open mind during this process. Not every home your agent provides will seem like a perfect match, but as you see what different homes have to offer, you’ll learn what you really want in a home. Viewing homes in person can give you a clear idea of what not only the home but the neighborhoods and surrounding amenities are like.

4. Make and Negotiate an Offer. Once you have found your dream home, you’ll need to make an offer. Your agent will help you write up an offer, and work out the details including inspection, financing, and closing. Your agent will then negotiate with the seller to provide the best price and terms for you and your family. A seller can accept or reject your offer, or make a counteroffer. Once negotiations have concluded, as the buyer, you can agree to the terms or not.

5. Inspection. Usually, these terms are contingent upon a home inspection and financing. There will be an agreed-upon amount of time to complete the inspection. During this period, you can bring in a licensed inspector to help determine the state of the home and give you the information you may need.

6. Sign the Purchase & Sale Agreement. After both parties, the buyer (you) and seller, have come to an agreement, you will sign the purchase and sale agreement.

7. Complete the Mortgage Application. At this time, you will be finalizing all the necessary information in preparation for closing. Your lender will need all necessary documents for review.

8. Obtain Loan Approval. If you are approved, your lender will clear you for closing, and provide you with a letter of approval.

9. Close. Now is the time for a final walkthrough, where you can make sure the house is in the condition agreed upon at signing.

10. Take The Keys! Your paperwork is finished and you’re ready to make your dream home a reality!

There are a lot of moving factors when finding a home, from start to finish. But it doesn’t have to be taxing and stressful. With my expertise & years of experience, we will focus on what’s best for your family and make this important decision a happy one!