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2021 Design Trends: 

How this Year Changed Our Definition of Home

2020 changed what we needed in a home. What once were just houses, became an office, a classroom, a gym, and a spa. We brought the outside world in and transformed our houses into homes. Our homes became our safe haven where we knew we could stay safe and healthy. This past year has changed the way we look at real estate, and our potential dream homes. The list of wants and needs of the past, took on a new shape as we entered into the new year. So let’s take a look at some of the design and renovation trends we plan on seeing in 2021, that will reflect the changes we made this year.

As we enter into 2021, fashion meets function takes on a whole new meaning. When looking for a new home, or starting a new build, a home office wasn’t always on the top of the priority list. Many sought out a small extra bedroom to house a desk and small functioning workspace. This year, the home office is going to see some major changes. People are looking for spaces that double as regular living space and workspace. Gone are the days of a small dark office corner. Home design and renovation are taking function and self-care, and turning them into home offices that are big, bright, and built for productivity. Working from home isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a lifestyle. So the home office is going to bring some permanency to its place in the home.

2020 was all about self-care. We plan on seeing some major prioritization of bathroom design that will bring a whole new level of relaxation to the

home. This year, our families spent most of their time at home, which means a lot less quiet time for yourself. Plan on seeing a lot of focus on the at-home spa experience, including bigger bathrooms to accommodate luxuries like soaking tubs, and the maximizing of small bathroom space to create a spa-getaway right in your own home. 

Especially in regions that experience the four seasons, or extreme temperatures like New England, we tried to soak up every available minute of outdoor time we could. 2021 is sure to bring some interesting outdoor living space designs, to maximize the space you have and extend your livable space. Outdoor dining, transportable office furniture, and temperature control are going to be big features of our outdoor spaces. Home design is all about easy access and a design flow that makes sense. Large windows bring the outdoors in while you have to be inside, and cozy furniture outside makes it easy to view your outdoor space as an extension of your relaxing living space.

This year brought us a new perspective on what home and family mean to us. The new year makes us want to seek out a home that brings us peace and happiness and maximizes our functional living space. I am here to help you find your dream home, whatever that means for you. We are all excited to see what the new year brings in terms of home design and real estate, so let’s work together and give you and your family a fresh new start!