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Go Green: Budget-Friendly Ways For Sustainable Living at Home

When you hear the phrase, “sustainable living,” what do you picture? You might picture a picturesque home in the middle of a farm that utilizes all of its natural surroundings. Or you may be picturing a home in the suburbs that was very expensive to outfit with solar panels and green appliances. While both of these scenarios exist, you may be pleased to know that you can live sustainably anywhere with a few simple, smart changes! It all starts with one step, and many of these small changes are affordable and easy! Let’s go green together!

 Sustainable living is attainable!

Let’s start outside since that’s where all the nature is! Think about making a small garden at home! Growing some of your own food is a great way to go green, that doesn’t have to be a massively expensive project. Start small with a few vegetable plants and see the difference. While you’re at it in the garden, think of ways you can increase your recycling and composting efforts. Food scraps can make a great fertilizer for your garden. Look into outdoor compost options, and keep a compost bin inside where it’s easy to access and a good reminder every time you go to the trash. If you’re using hoses or sprinkler systems to water your garden, consider using rainwater. There are a myriad of ways to collect rainwater, some simple and some more intricate that involve installing collectors to your gutters. 

Speaking of water, and moving on inside, an easy way to live sustainably is to fix any leaking faucets in your home. Repairing these leaks can save a lot of water each month, and will contribute to lower monthly bills as well.

When it’s not raining, and the sun is shining, it’s a great reminder of our energy usage! Using natural light to warm and light your home cuts down on

energy costs and adds some much needed sunshine to our daily grind. Using that sunlight to its fullest also means sealing up your windows and doors tightly to either keep cool air or warm heat inside. You’ll be surprised at the result when you get your next cooling and heating bill!

What are the benefits of sustainable living? Whatever your lifestyle, the benefits far outweigh the cost and effort. Maybe you’re doing your best to keep our planet clean and safe and leave less of a footprint. Maybe you’re just trying to reduce your everyday costs and monthly bills. No matter what your end goal is, sustainable living is attainable! See for yourself!