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 Open Concept Design Benefits

When searching for a new home, it’s good to keep an open mind. But what about an open concept design? Many current buyers express their desire for a more informal floor plan, where rooms blend together and create larger multi-purpose spaces. This serves contrary to the typical home plan which is comprised of smaller closed-off rooms each serving an individual purpose. So what is an open concept floor plan, and what are the benefits of living in one?

Typically, open concept designs join areas like kitchen, dining, and living room spaces to create a sense of unity in the home instead of individually designed rooms. Open floor designs work in both large homes and small ones where the adjoining rooms can make the layout appear roomier and brighter.

Without walls and doors closing off each room, open concept designs allow for better traffic flow throughout the home. This, in turn, creates more opportunity for the family to spend time together and encourages engagement even when carrying out separate activities. With fewer doors and walls, comes less hallway space, which increases the livable space of your home. Entertaining is easier with an open floor plan.  Oftentimes, the host is moving around the home making sure everyone is taken care of, and can often be found in the kitchen cut off from the festivities. With an open concept kitchen, you’ll be able to see the fun and hang out with your friends while preparing!

These floor plans show their best highlights when the light and air are filtering beautifully throughout your home, unobstructed. Especially at times like this, when we’re spending more time at home, brighter open spaces give you more room to move around and more options for productive spaces. 

Many of us live in a traditional colonial-style home though. If you are eager to have a more open floor plan sometimes you can get this feeling just by opening up the doorway to an adjoining room. For example, what was once a small entrance from the kitchen to the dining room can now become one larger open kitchen dining area where everyone loves to gather.

Using an open concept floor plan doesn’t take away the idea of separated space, it just uses it in a different way. Arranging your furniture and decorations in a way to section off the larger rooms can create cozy spaces without cutting them off from the main living area. It also reduces the need for individual design in small rooms, by giving your home a unified style.

Keeping an open mind while house hunting can help you realize your dream home’s full potential. Whether your style is more traditional or leaning toward modern design, I can help you find the perfect home!